I would like to comment on my recent experience selling my home and purchasing another. Although I have been through the experience a few times, it has been a stressful event each time. Meredith Kennedy was the realtor who helped me with this sale and purchase, and she helped make these processes as smooth as possible.

I feel that Meredith did a wonderful job in the wording of the listing of my home, I believe she suggested the correct listing price for the area and the market. The photographer she arranged to take photos, did a great job. These factors all helped to sell my home quickly.

Meredith travelled out of town to help me house hunt. I appreciate that she went through the houses with an experienced eye. Meredith even made a suggestion that I had not considered as an option how to rectify a problem in the house that I eventually bought.

I am so pleased that Meredith was my “realtor of record”. She was professional and personable at all times. She was extremely quick to respond to my inquiries, and she kept me well informed. I would highly recommend her, and I absolutely would not hesitate to call her the next time I need to move.

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